On August 23, 2016 I'll be 70 years young. My whole life I've never seen a Democratic president start a war.

No matter what you see and hear on any of the 180 Cable Channels' owned by Rupert Murdoch, Fox being the most well known but he owns and controls enough TV media in the US to influence the next election like every other election.

If your old enough, surely you remember after every debate since 1986 Rupert Murdoch's cable TV channels always had the Republican candidate winning by a landslide, we all know how true those results were.

including the theft of the Presidency from Al Gore with the cry on every channel to not count the votes in Democratic - Miami, FL. 

Then constant hammering on all his channels'  for all politicians to give Bush unfettered access to declare war on Iraq and Afghanistan. 
16 Saudi Arabian and 4 Afghanistan terrorists hit The World Trade Center but Bush wanted to bully the two countries that couldn't defend themselves and he wasn't in bed with.

It's no secret that Bush, Chaney and Rumsfeld had received information from Germany months ahead of the invasion into Iraq that the previous information gleaned from 1 man who'd defected from Iraq was false. This man reported that he'd been a construction laborer on a plant to produce Nuclear weapons.

This man had drawn an overhead view of the plant and told them its location. Overhead pictures confirmed that this new building did in fact exist so Germany relayed this intel to the US.. Bush and Chaney who'd already been looking for an excuse to invade Iraq jumped on this intel and never looked back. 

Truth is; After finding out the US was going to invade Iraq this man admitted he'd lied to get asylum in Germany and had really been fired while constructing a pharmaceutical supply warehouse. NOT A PLANT TO PRODUCE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!

When Germany and England revealed publicly that there had been a mistake in the original intel to the US. The Republican leadership made up a story about Iraq trying to purchase Yellow Cake Uranium. All lies! 

After forging the evidence against Iraq. Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice decided to keep retired 4 Star Army General and American Statesman Colin Powell in the dark.

Throwing him under the bus to take their phony documents and lies to the UN for approval, the yellow cake uranium was our invented intel. 

My family, father (retired an Army Captain, sister served 4 years in the Navy, brother (retired US Army Lt.Colonel) and myself spending just over a year In the Army R.O.T.C.. 
Virtually any military man in the world will tell you the same thing.

Having taken Military Science, I know the book begins with the greatest advantage over the enemy in a time of war is the element of surprise. 

Violating every ethical (Halliburton) and military rule by taking 3 months to put 300,000 of our young soldiers on the border there was no element of surprise. The enemy as few and as weak as they were probably couldn't believe how stupid we were, they could plant land mines map them for themselves and kill or maim 1.000's of our young soldiers. 

Bush and Chaney, most ignorant military leaders of all time all they really wanted was to get rid of the peace, prosperity and steal the ($$) left behind by the Clinton Administration.
​Republicans have been trying to privatize Social Security for years, then they could invest it in Wall Street, declare bankruptcy and put everyone in soup lines.

Much more coming soon...

Trump has already made up my mind for me. His plan to make America great again is a tax break for the wealthy. What a solution! LMAO 

Trump stated that he will deregulate fossil fuel and all industry which means abolishing the clean water, clean air acts so the Earth can accelerate this tailspin toward Global destruction. Trump does nothing but lie, claiming he was against the war. 

Trump stated that the minimum wage should be $10 but he'll let individual states decide that, no mandate at all for $15 like Bernie talked Hillary into making mandatory. A Trump Presidency won't mean more jobs just more money for the Koch Brothers ilk, the poor non union states will get poorer. 

To Donald Trump we're all worker ants that he can use and abuse if elected. Please vote Democratic now and in 2018. Bernie's revolution can continue.  
The only people who will profit if Trump's elected are the top 1% wealthiest. If the U.S. of America and the Earth dies after he's gone, he doesn't care.

Donald Trump will bankrupt America and destroy the planet with no hope of recovery if elected. No ban on assault weapons---what a jerk. 

Acting like he's not in bed with Wall Street tycoons, major financial institutions and The NRA---Declares bankruptcy when it's time to pay US laborers'-jerk
​Didn't use US laborers to build his bank in China, real patriot. Used Chinese laborers for $.75 an hr..