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There are dozens of stories I have to tell you about almost every player mentioned in this Home page picture. These are both serious action tales and some that hopefully will make you laugh. God has been good to me and I'm so happy to have lived my prime gambling years before this communication generation.

My heart goes out for players trying to make a living between tournaments by gambling. It must be next to impossible to outrun a texted picture or video of yourself before getting to the next spot.

In 1977 winning 'The World Convention 9 Ball Championship' without any action or practice for months Cornbread talked me into going to it. Watching me you'd think I'd been practicing for months.

1972./ I''d  found a secret way, between my ears, to start in high gear even if I hadn't hit a ball in weeks, months or years. ​Whenever possible I always bet all my own money, no sponsors so finding this secret was mandatory for me.

​Get my DVDs and you too will be able to start off in high gear under any pressure situation. Winning the U.S. Open in Nov. 1985 I hadn't hit a ball since January of 2003.
Shooting the highest accu-stat match of anyone the entire tournament during the final of the 85 US Open was no accident.

Mike LeBron who finished 2nd to me in 85 came back and won the US Open in 1986, that's one heck of an accomplishment.

If I've misspelled anyone's name got a date wrong, google it and please email me the correction. Or better yet call me.

Questions? I prefer a call, Phone: 772.370.0311
​I've dedicated myself to spend 4 hours a day or more to this website until finished so free lessons, stories and more coming.. 

Read more about my accomplishments on the green back of my 'Almost All I Know' Critically acclaimed DVDs.

Plus, when you click on About Me, half of the first tab is more about my family but stick with it, I'll get back to pool.

There's About Me then 3 About Me tabs under it. Lessons will be installed tonight. Just proof reading what I've done so far today. Later, Jimmy 

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Welcome To New Free Pool Lessons By, Jimmy Reid. Who's that on the table?

This was originally a 2' X 3' poster advertising the 1986 'Red's $15,000 Added 9 Ball Open Championship.

Every Player is numbered and named, from Minnesota Fats to Jersey Red. How many do you recognize?. ​

THIS IS MY FAMILY OF POOL PLAYERS' 1969 - 2008.    All Underlined players I gambled with.All in Bold I made money with and sometimes you'll see Both...
*2008 was the year of my induction into 'A Lifetime Of Pool In Action' and '1 Pocket Hall Of Fame' ceremonies.

Gambling against, making money with, traveling or just sharing a room at tournaments with all these players.
They are a group of the most talented, charismatic and colorful players / people I've ever known. 

Missing from this poster, some great pool players and friends that also influenced my life, in last name alphabetical order are;

Johnny ArcherFred 'The Beard' Bentevegna, Dave Bollman, Paul 'The King' Brusloff, Harley 'Bull Dog' Bryan, Billy 'Cornbread Red' BurgeEddie 'The Hat' Burton
Mike Carella, Steve Carter, John 'Cannonball' Chapman, Danny 'Smooth Stroke' Christian, Steve 'Cookie Monster' Cook, Wade 'Billy Johnson' Crane, Shannon ' The Cannon' Dalton, Kim Davenport

Danny 'DDT' (Straight Pool Poison) Diliberto, Jimmy & Petey Fusco, Richie 'Little Richie From Torrence' FlorenceRoger 'The Dodger' Griffis,
 Steve 'Humpty' GumpfreyBrian 'Hawaiian Brian' HashimotoMarvin 'The Pittsburgh Flash' HendersonBilly 'The Kid' Banking Billy' Incardona, 
Danny 'Handsome Danny' Jones, 'Champagne' Ed Kelly, Tommy Kennedy,  

Joe 'Canadian Joe' Lawrence, Mike LeBron, Peter 'Peter Rabbit' Linhard, Larry 'The Lizard' 'Leaz' Lisciotti, Jimmy ' Pretty Boy Floyd' Mataya, Dave Matlock,
Keith 'Earthquake' 'The Evil Doctor McCready, Danny 'Denver Danny' Medina, Bob 'Black Bart' Ogburn, ​Reed Pierce, Louie 'St. Louie Louie' 'Louie The Torch' Roberts
Weldon 'Junior' Rogers,

Harold 'Bugs' RuckerDenny 'Frisco Denny' Searcy, Bill 'Weenie Beenie' '(Fats' & few of us called him 'Pole' Staton, Scotty 'Country Scot The Shot' Townsend, 
Cecil 'The Serpent' Tugwell and C. J. 'Wiley Coyote' Wiley. 

ALL THESE PLAYERS DESERVE TO BE MILLIONAIRES. The only way that was ever going to get accomplished was to find a Brunswick dealership or Diamond dealership or any sponsor you'll see during those old super bowls or sport events willing to approach Showtime, ABC or CBS Sports.
​ESPN has been locked up with favoritism and the promise of instant money now before the event, then more later after the talent receives as little as possible.

In other sports like golf the right people were in charge of showing what the TV public would admire and respect. They never made the rules easier.
Golf had Arnold Palmer to boost up the ratings. In 1966./ Pool had Ronnie Allen and Minnesota Fats just as likable and charismatic as Arnold Palmer.

Professional players should've been held to a higher standard than amateurs. Especially for the sake of proving the difficulty in playing perfect pool.  

We could've all been millionaires. Instead, every rule changes since I started playing is to favor the weaker player and looked super boring for the men on TV. 

An obvious ploy to get more entries but the TV response is like Charles Barkley playing golf, only in professional pocket billiards he would actually have a chance to beat a pro in pool with the rules today. Ball in hand after scratching on a legally called ball playing any form of rotation just diminishes the skill in 9 ball, how ridiculous.

They've taken the spot shot out of 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball and all rotation games. This is so anticlimactic, imagine one player missing balls so far he keeps getting safe or lucking the ball in. Now the better player has taken advantage of all his opportunities but because of these asinine rules the score is tied at 10 to 10 racing to 11. The player of lesser ability has gotten lucky in 5 of those games he's won.

At 10/10 the lesser player gets a fairly easy runout but misses an easy shot on the 7 ball trying to draw the cueball back for the 8, the 7 doubles the pocket and rolls left over about 1.5 diamonds away from the top right corner pocket and is just a little off the rail.

The better player can only see the left edge of the 7 because the lesser player stopped beside the 9 ball blocking any choice but to cut the ball in. He makes the cut shot and goes up to the other end of the table hits a piece of the 8 ball and bounces off the end rail to scratch in the side pocket. The lesser player now gets ball in hand on the 8 followed by an easy shot on the 9 and wins the set.

Playing call the ball those games he got lucky in he could've been made to continue after missing and getting safe the balls he lucked in wouldn't have counted but be spotted and most of all the last game he would've had to make a spot shot on the 7 ball after the better player made that tough shot and scratched. He'd probably miss the spot shot because remember he already missed an easier shot on this 7 ball earlier.

Somebody out there needs to get real if pool players' and not just the promoters' can make serious money, TV is the way. 'The call shot 9 ball championship' 'The Separator'. All luck will be eliminated.
If a golfer hits his ball into the woods his opponent doesn't have to hit it out for him. Why should someone miss a ball so far it punishes his opponent. 

With nobody looking ahead to protect this great game on TV, greed was behind it all, they lowered the standard on Pro balls, it's tantamount to making pro golfers use 85 compression balls that aren't as round as Titleist or Aramith's not as round as Brunswick Centennial Balls. 

A cueball gets hit every shot and I've seen 20 year old Centennial Blue Dot (blue circle) cueballs without flat spots on them. After every tournament you can't hardly use the Aramith cueball for the flat spots on it and the Aramith red circle was even worse. Why? the only answer is promoter greed. 

Diamond always used the Brunswick Centennial balls and the US Open did too. We all know which are best, if you can read the calibrations you'll know.

Carmine Sardo and his brother Salvatore I believe are great guys but their rack should never have been used for 9 ball tournaments after the first trial. But promoter greed showed up, who cares if the players like it. Now the players with the hardest break that can control the cueball no longer matter.

Their rack is probably good for 8 ball, 1 pocket or any full rack game, I don't know, I've only used it in 9 ball tournaments w those Aramith balls.

Their rack is obviously designed with the weight of the head ball pushed back with those little rubber cups and the same goes for the next 2 balls. Physics tells us there's too much weight being pushed back into the 3rd ball making it go through the correct contact point with the ball behind the 9 ball and it gets pushed straight into the corner with a no talent break.

'Champagne' Ed Kelly, truly one of the greatest all around players with more knowledge playing pool than anyone on tour right now. Ed quit pool to become a dealer in Vegas in the 70s. 

Well at the 2003 BCA 9 Ball Invitational at The Riviera Hotel in Vegas after finishing 5th. Ed called me over watching me lose to 2 players that wouldn't gamble against me with a backer and handicap, Charlie Williams and Ralph Souquet. 11/9 & 11/9.

I'd just received two standing ovations two days in a row beating Jose Parica and Francesco Bustamante back to back and with the final 4 to be televised called me over to the table where they were racked for 9 ball and pointing at the corner ball said "This ball doesn't go straight in, it's supposed to hit here, putting his finger on the rail almost half a diamond above the corner.

That's when I proved why it goes breaking easy, the rack is designed too well and not only freezes all the balls but the little rubber cups inside push the 
one ball back into the second ball which pushes all its weight against the third (corner) ball so all 3 balls act like just 2 balls frozen together so drawing the first ball makes it go forward 
Fine for amateurs. Professional player's rules must be changed to generate interest thereby increasing TV revenues.

TV ad = 'The First Men's Professional 9 ball or 10 ball World Open Call Shot Tournament. No luck allowed.'
All players allowed 1 push out per game. An immediate push after the break wouldn't count as that player's push.

So many times players don't try to break out balls, instead they roll up and bunt a safety which shows
​a lack of knowledge on where the broken up balls will go and requires little or no skill. 

With one push-out a game they might try to break those balls up and keep running out.