This shot is used only when you're way behind in this game. Using 2 tips of high left toward 10 O'clock on the cueball and hitting the head ball just a little right of center the head ball travels over to the rail and off again while the back ball takes most of the power and banks 2 rails into the pocket. 

All the while the cueball goes 3 rails under the head ball and up the table near the 7th diamond. Practice this until  you avoid kissing the head ball while keeping it on your side of the table, the back ball we're not worried about, it'll either go in or miss very close. The head ball could block your opponent from seeing the back ball that wound up close to the pocket.

Don't take the free bank when you can move balls that don't go in your pocket. Lay this trap instead. Not possible to run out w free bank but if ball goes off 6. It;s goodnight Irene.

Using the Plus 2 System to take a scratch or with a little luck touch the 3 ball on the far side and get a rail. 

43 Plus 30 = in front of 73. Great intentional scratch!

Very difficult shot but again you can see that shooting off the 11 the cueball is coming from 50 @ Plus 20 while the object ball is coming from 50 @ Plus 28 or so and will put this ball on your side of the table if it doesn't reach the pocket, to shoot hard enough to reach the pocket this cueball would have to bounce out a diamond or 2 off the 4th rail.

Hypothetically speaking let's assume the 11 went into your (our) pocket and the cueball stopped at the end of the white arrow. Then my next move would be to hit the 13 ball into the left side of the 2 ball ever so softly and bring them both over toward my long rail and really focus on following the cueball up against the 15 ball, straight in my pocket.  It's impossible to sell out from there. Trap city...

All other moves could turn fatal here, they look safe but this was 100% safe and 4 or 5 moves from now doing anything else could cost you the game...

>> Picture was taken in Feb. 1988 @ Hotel Jerome, Aspen CO during "The King Of The Ring" Top 12 Players in the World Invitational 9 Ball Tournament that I won. Running 8 racks my first inning in the finals. Nick Varner second. TV

From 1/2 diamond away from center try to draw the cueball back into 3/4 of a diamond away from the top corner.

With 2 balls frozen, check them to be sure you must use extreme low left @ 7:30 on the cueball to make them both in your pocket.

This is the correct shot if you're behind in this game, like your opponent just made game ball and scratched, now he needs 2 you need 3.

Shown here is how to use the Plus 2 System in some 1 pocket moves. Extending the lines we see the cueball coming from 51 @ about Plus 25 = in front of 76 but since we're hitting the cueball w low left english the angle will come out a little shorter, about 1/2 diamond here and hit in front of 71 and with the right speed drop behind the yellow 2 n 3 balls.

It doesn't matter what balls in this cluster the red 14 gets banked into (like the 1, 4, 7, or 6) the object is to get a ball(s) to your long rail side of the table.

This is the correct move if you need 1 ball in this game. With right side spin @ 3 O'clock banking the 9 ball up to where your opponent can't see it while leaving the cueball low is an ideal move and if you don't have confidence in the above draw shot combo or 3 railing the 4 ball and putting the cueball against the 11. 

No matter what, needing 1 ball this is correct...

Much easier shot to control. Shooting w high right english here and it would be fine if the object ball hit the 2 & 3 balls, controlling the cueball is my (our) main job here.

Using my copyrighted not meant for public display 6th Diamond System that Tor Lowry stole and posted 40 @ 20 w max high right brings you in front of 60, so 40 @ 15 shown here would bring you a diamond longer in front of 70...

Practice this shot over and over w high right english here and high left english from the opposite side. The tendency is to not hit the object ball flush and hit the 2 yellow balls instead and sell out so aim to hit a little more of the object ball than you think is necessary and practice this shot a ton. 

Another example; let's say there are 3 balls on the table, both players need 2 and your opponent left you a bank into 2 balls in the middle of the short rail between both your packets that don't go in your pocket and the ball your banking into them doesn't go either, it is 1/2 diamond above and away from your opponent's pocket and the cueball is in the middle 2/3 of a diamond above the same rail. 
‚ÄčThen bank the ball into those balls and follow all the way up against a ball... Trap city

Crazy shot but worth the practice, next....Desperation time!!!