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My first professional friend for life and a day. Larry "Boston Shorty' Johnson. 
Just15 when we met at "The Mines' pool hall in Boston. After winning all I could from the locals playing rotation and watching Shorty when I could.
Shorty just beat a great player named Engersoll playing 1 pocket. Then watched me until I had finished and gave me directions to fly to NY for action at  Ames and 711 pool rooms... Flights every hour then Taxi Cabs...



1971./ Me, after giving Weenie Beenie the 7 playing 8 ahead for $500 and won 3 sets in an hour. Don't remember Beenie winning any games.

"What do you think Wimp" I said. He was seated next to Eddie Taylor who thought the sun rose and set on Buddy Hall. He really loved Buddy. 

"Son I've seen every player from Ponzi to today and can't none of 'em carry your cue playing that 9 ball." 1971./ Luther 'Wimpy' Lassiter

1979./ We were both knocked out of the Allen Hopkins $100,000 straight pool tournament at the Holiday Inn in Manhattan.

Wimpy came in and sat down beside me and said "Reid what would you do to these Yankee s.o.b's. if you caught them in that desert betting as much as $9 a game?"

I said  "I don't know Wimp" Then Wimpy looking at me like a wise old owl and said "I know what you'd do to them Reid" and laughed. 

Tip from Wimpy "whenever I felt real nervous I just focused on following through as far as I could."

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These CDs have been Critically Acclaimed around the world. Receiving thank yous' from pool players and non players, some said they've bought them all and mine helped them more.
These CDs were originally in cassette format. Every pro that I've ever shared a room with and played the Bedtime Self Hypnosis CD to fell asleep right on cue. Players like Roger Griffis who said he was scared to death of Steve. It was a big money match in the loser's bracket and scheduled to play Mizerak the first round at the $150,000 World Championships in Winston Salem the next afternoon. Still undefeated I didn't play until 7P.M. Roger woke me at 11 A.M. saying "Thank You" with a big smile. Later when I went down around 6 Roger came over and said he'd won another match and was playing perfect.  Mike Sigel went to sleep on cue for a week and played great. Scotty Townsend went to sleep on cue for weeks and was behind 10/0 playing Grady n lost 11/10 because the 7 ball skidded the last game, to this day Scotty says he was never behind that much. lol 
​My Daytime Motivational' CD is the best on the market. Geared for pool. They'll help you succeed in any job.

IF YOU ORDER THESE 10 HOURS OF INSTRUCTIONAL DVDs...PLEASE CALL N LET ME KNOW... 772 - 370 - 0311 THANKS... No answer? Please leave a message.

"I saw Jimmy Reid play for 2 months in LA and he could've spotted anyone who ever lived the 2 ball and they would've never known they had it." 1971, UJ Puckett

Barbara and I travelled with UJ for a few months, he was without a doubt the best large mouth bass fisherman on Earth using artificial bait, usually those rubber worms.

He robbed all world champions at Sam Rayburn Lake in TX, and Toledo Bend Lake in LA. Every night he had action w all the owners of the bait and tackle shops plus their best fishermen, going out 2 to a boat drawing for the boat and partner.

He won all bets for 3 weeks, first, most, biggest, total weight and last large mouth bass.
He honestly was the best large mouth bass fisherman in the world.

P.S. On the back my green table accomplishments above, it states that arriving a day late and sponsoring myself at The Stardust in 1970 after Jansco told me the day before he wouldn't schedule me to play the first day, then I'd found out I'd been forfeited in all 3 divisions after I told him I'd sponsor myself was incorrect.

Paulie (Jansco) came to the front desk while Barbara and I were checking in after 5 P.M. the second day and collected $375 entry fee $125 for each division. Then told me I should be sure and check the board for when I would play stating that he hadn't looked at it yet today.

After looking at the board Barbara and I were in shock, this was the first time Paulie had ever lied to us we liked Paulie.
As it turns out now that memory serves me better.

I'd only been forfeited in the 1 Pocket and Straight Pool but they had me scheduled to play Buddy Dennis at 7P.M. in the 9 Ball division after just driving straight through from Dallas we were both tired and I played pretty good but Buddy Dennis beat me a very close match to put me on the left hand side of the winner's bracket in all 3 divisions.

Buddy Dennis was a great player especially on the bar table with the big ball and his wife Linda Dennis were always fun and great to be around.
We played a lot of gin in 1969 between action at Woodward, OK. Buddy had his sidekick Pete with him who was good company and a lot of fun also.

One day we got a call that there was an older man looking for any kind of action in Enid, OK ( I think, Buddy please call me 772.370.0311) 
So we all jumped into my Chevrolet wagon and drove to the spot.

Buddy, acting like my stake horse asked the guy to play me some, he said no but I'll play you some to Buddy. Buddy said I'm his backer I didn't come to do the playing. Then the guy said that's what I thought another stake horse with no guts. 

Buddy acting like that made him mad said "come on I'll play you 9 ball, 7 ahead for $500." They put the stakes up with the owmer. Buddy won the flip then ran the set, 7 racks and out on him.

Then this older player asked me what I wanted to spot him? I said "How can I give you anything I haven't seen you shoot yet." Steaming, he unscrewed and left.

We all had a big laugh over what I said to him on the way back to Woodward but I hadn't meant for it to be funny it was true and just came out funny.

Buddy found out later that it was Fez, 2nd. greatest player from Albuquerque, NM..  Cowboy Jimmy Moore's class in 9 ball and 1 pocket but not straight pool.

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Ronnie 'Fast Eddie' Allen and I. 1994 or 95 at the Commerce Casino in LA, CA... In the late 60s and all the 70s, we gambled against each other at least 50 times, counting PayBall games...