Then after sitting down in his normal-armless dinner chair, Leon put a hand on the seat and another hand on the top of it and proceeded to tuck his knees up to his chest after leaning forward he then uncurled his legs and did a perfect handstand in what my mother called a $1,000 shark skin suit. It was in the middle of the afternoon and the restaurant was empty. There were a few in the front lounge area but nobody saw this except family and we were all surprised and I was really impressed and a little in shock.

To make a long story short, 6 years later the marriage ended but the relationship between Leon and myself stayed strong. In the summer of 59 and 60 just the two of us went to Scarborough Downs, ME..  Where I was a hot walker for some of Leon's mounts and learned a lot about handicapping. 9 race night racing and day racing (11 races on weekends and Holidays). In 1960 starting w $6, I'd won the 1st $2 win, lost the 2nd - $2 double and bet more to win on the horse, started the 3rd race w just $2 betting win only from the 3rd thru 9th races I ran the table, winning 3 of those betting Leon who had I think 6 mounts that night 1 of Leon's winners around the 6th race paid 30/1 and I knew it was going to win so I bet more than I would advise anyone else to bet. Plus there was a 9/1, 12/1 in those last 7 races.

As well as I can remember the other 4 winners were either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice on the tote board. Well, Leon didn't have a mount in the 9th so w 20 minutes to post, I waited about 10 minutes to give him time to shower and dress. Plus here I was with somewhere around $800 and a $50 win bet on a 20/1 shot in the 9th. So going into the jock's room, Leon was just getting out of the shower and not used to seeing me there asked if anything was wrong? Smiling I motioned for him to come to me, showed him my bankroll and told him I had 1 race left that I liked but wasn't crazy about. After telling me to wait outside, 5 minutes later and 5 minutes before Post for the 9th, Leon came out, I found his agent Lenny who'd been putting the bets in for me and gave him another $100 that Leon had just given me to bet on the race. It got bet down to 9/1 and won by half a length.

There's no way I would've had that horse if I didn't overhear his trainer and jockey talking before and after a best breezing workout ever during the wee hours (still dark) drinking coffee and doughnuts. Being a mathematical nut and studying the Racing Form an hour on average for every race that I wanted to bet on, 80% Claiming / 20% Allowance races. Maiden races I always skipped unless there was 1 maiden horse going for a Claiming price and this horse had only run in MSW (Maiden Special Weights) races w no previous Claiming price and all others had been running in Maiden Claimers for awhile. Then I'll bet 10% to win. 

If I can't find a way to eliminate the favorite, I'll skip the race. In 1973 I think, Billy Incardona, Jimmy Mataya, Larry Lisciotti, Pittsburgh John Stepoli n valet Pierre, Peter Rabbit and Kilroy. We'd decided early that morning to go to DRC for Saturday thoroughbred racing in Detroit. All of us at John's new apartment that he paid rent on a year in advance.
So I had john send his valet Pierre to get a Racing Form around 8 AM. Finding 3 races I liked, the 1st, 2nd and 5th race. 3 hours later I felt very positive about these 3 races.

Larry told everybody how a year or so before that I'd gone from The Imperial 400 Motel in Torrence CA for either the 8th or 9th race at Hollywood Park and had cold decked the exacta 5 days in a row. 

Lots of players were staying there, 2 in a room. After 2 in a row they started asking me what I liked. Not giving them the horses I told them I would buy a $5 exacta for them to split w another named player. Larry n I were the only 2 w single rooms. 

A couple of years later we all had money for DRC except for Rabbit and Kilroy. A year or so earlier after winning $2,000 at The Rack Kilroy yelled out "okay all broke pool players form a line." He gave $100 to every player in that line, I think $1,700 in total. So they rode w me along w Pierre. John had just made his biggest score ever so Billy, Larry and Mataya rode w John. By the time we got inside DRC 20 minutes before Post for the 1st race I'd decided to give Rabbit and Kilroy $60 each to gamble with.

I bet a 5 / 7 $100 Daily Double and told everybody else to bet it but nobody listened. They both won by 3 and the $2 Double paid $46 X 50 = $2,300 and down now wait for the 5th race Trifecta. Everyone I'd given the double to had a stack of 200 or so tickets on the double using horses that Jerry Howard and some of his friends liked, no winners.

After boxing 3 horses in the 5th race trifecta 3 times in the $10 box window ($60 X 3 = $180) so if it comes in I'll have the payout for a $3 trifecta 3.33 X 3 times = 10 X $3 tri money.
One of these horses was 5/1 another 8/1 and lastly a 17/1 shot and in my figures they all tied coming from behind in this 7 Furlong Claiming race. Well, the 8/1 shot won w 17/1 2nd n 5/1 3rd all together within a half length at the wire. The $3 trifecta paid something like $900+-  n I had it 10 times. 1st time ever at DRC won over $11,000, not bad. I liked the track on paper before I got there and live.

This race I didn't give to anyone and Leiz (my name for Lisciotti) said to me after I'd won it how sick he was for not betting my double to start with.  
Larry knew I'd won 8 out of 9 when I was just 14 and that my stepfather was a jockey. Larry n I had talked one on one a ton and knew all about each other's lives.  
Plus, while at The Imperial 400 Motel, I'd cold decked an exacta 5 days in a row at Hollywood Park and gave Larry a $5 exacta ticket for himself the last 3 days.

Larry had come to me a year or so earlier to the infield at Santa Anita just before the 9th race which I told Larry was the only race really liked that day but both of us gambled on all the other races before that and were stuck pretty good for the day, starting w about $300 I'd gone nuts and only had $15 left. 
Larry was in worse shape he only had $5 left from his money and I don't know what he started with, we separated before the 1st race Larry went Clubhouse n I went Infield. 

We'd driven to Santa Anita together in my 3 yr old 69 Cadillac Convertible and I'd left $1,800 stashed back in my room for escape money.  

We'd (Larry n I) decided to hit the road 6 weeks before Johnston City and go from LA, CA quickly cross-country to the Carolinas. Not liking anything but the last race we decided to go early all day to Santa Anita and knowing both of us had a lot of gamble. Larry brought all he had n I'd stashed $1,800 behind and stupid me that's why I only bet the races I like and leave or else I'll bet something every race waiting for the race I like, in this case the 9th. lol 'sucker, one born every minute' 

Earlier I'd told Larry after spending hours studying the Form, I only liked the last race. I'd brought a blanket and pillows for the infield wine cellar area in beautiful Santa Anita. 
We pulled out our money, Larry w his fin ($5) and me w my 3 fins($15) both of us a little tipsy me from heat and wine n Larry also half lit. We both started laughing so hard because we didn't save any money for the only race I went there to play, we were rolling around on my blanket now laughing like crazy.

Then Larry said "well who do you like Reid?" and I handed Larry The Racing Form showing where all 10 horses should finish. We bet the trifecta exactly as I had them numbered.
As they finished Larry, looking at my Form again started yelling Reid I think you got all 10 right! We stayed and watched the replay again and again. Sure enough after not winning a single win bet all day I'd cold decked all 10 horses finish in this last trifecta. It paid $312 for a $5 ticket.

So I escaped the trap over $600 winner and Larry said if he'd saved just one more fin he would've escaped winner too but $312 was a lot better than broke.
Then the next day in Bellflower at Palace Billiards Larry had everybody laughing telling them how he didn't even think I was gambling all day, he thought I was just napping while waiting for my best bet.

Then after telling everybody we emptied our pockets finding 4-$5 bills, we looked at each other and started laughing so long we almost didn't get our bets down. Larry still laughing said Reid saved $15 out of $300 to gamble with on a 10 horse field that I'd cold decked. Normally I'd buy a $30 trifecta ticket as soon as I got there but in my mind I told myself I'd bet $30 to win, $25 to win, $25, $20, $20, $15, $15, $10. Like I would normally manage my money and this would leave me over $100 for the race I loved.

Sun and a glass of wine every race told me different. Never drink more than 1 drink an hour to stay sober n smaller people under 125 lbs even less.  

Larry and I took off after Bellflower and went to the Carolinas'. We had a ball for 6 weeks living like kings staying at all the finest Motels/Hotels.
Playing twice I'd won about $6,000, Larry never played. After the nut, we got to Johnston City another $1800 winner spending $100 a day every day for 6 weeks when Holiday Inns w room service n heated indoor pools were $12 to $14, gas was $.25 a gallon. While in Charlotte, NC we went to a Leon Russell concert at the University Bowl. 

After divorcing my father in 1953 mom took my sister and I by train to Miami FL.. 
While waitressing in Miami Springs some people from Hialeah came in and insisted she meet (Red) called Bud by his family. Real name Leon Hulslander. 
They dated over a year later and were married in 1954, Rockport, MA.  

Leon (Bud) Hulslander was the coolest, cleanest, classiest man I've ever seen walk into a room, lighting it up Frank Sinatra style.

A leading jockey everywhere he went, Leon was a super athlete. Standing only 5'2" but unless he was beside others, seeing Leon nude you might think you were looking at a very strong, wiry 6'+ Nascar driver or mechanic.

In 1954./ We, mom (Mary), sis (Trebia), myself and Leon were all having dinner at a beautiful restaurant, 'The Cedarwood' (which we bought) in Magnolia, Mass..

Leon, dressed in a shark skin suit stood, took off his jacket and hung it behind mom on her chair. continued..

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