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Originally my Home Page was a 2' X 3' poster advertising Red's $15,000 Added 9 Ball Tournament. 

About Me;      
Born James F. Reid Jr. on August 23, 1946, 6:45 AM. Mother; Mary Trebia Martin born August 3,1922, of the West Virginia coal mining Martins.

My grandfather was nicknamed 'Black Eye Martin'. Oldest of 6 children my mom's mother died when mom was 12 and she raised the other 5 younger brothers and sisters.

She's 93 years young now and just hurt her back a little pulling weeds for 9 hours out and around her and her neighbor's condo, she's unbelievable always cooking and cleaning. Plus she has a heart of gold. She doesn't look over 70 now, nobody comes within 15 years guessing her age. I bet a friend she'll live to be 111 yrs. old.
When she was in her prime;  5'1" 110 pounds, built like a brick house w beautiful face and black hair the men drooled over her like a bull dog over a steak.    

Father born 10/20/13, Captain James F. Reid, US Army retired in 1954 after serving 22 yrs. We never had a cross word in our lives, he was the strongest, toughest, smartest, sweetest, kindest and funniest man imaginable, full of harmless practical jokes.

1929./ Depression era, at 15 yrs. old he won $50 at the Alabama State Fair for loading the most bales of hay on a platform in 5 minutes. 

1999./ During his wake and flowers galore about 80 people signed the registry. At his 7 gun military salute burial between 40 and 100 people showed up in the rain.

Two black guys at the Wake that looked like twins but were cousins told me of a time when Jim (dad) who was still just a kid, maybe 15 yrs. old was walking by the yard
where their father and uncle were trying to load a plow on the bed of their Model T Truck.

Dad said "hey fellers you want me to load that plow for ya? "They said "son if you can load this plow by yourself you can have it."
So Your daddy put that plow on his shoulders and walked on home with it. Then they both giggled a little. 

Their daddy's had lost their plow and were really upset as it was planting season and they had only plowed the one field.

On top of that they found out that this was the young boxer who'd been taking on all comers boxing in a ring built outside the Duck River Gas Station And Dry Goods Store.
The next day, knowing where Jim lived, they headed there in the truck to make an offer to buy back the plow and see if he'd let them pay for it after the harvest

Then they said Jim came back to their farm as they were getting in their truck and told them he'd sold that plow and felt it only right that they should get part of the money.
Plus, then he asked them if they had anymore heavy junk they wanted to get rid of.

"You sold it" one of them said. "Yes sir that was a fine plow and I don't know why ya'll wanted to give it away to start with? "We didn't want to give it away"  they said "we just didn't think any one man could tote it off like you did."  

Your daddy said well it's to late to cry over spilt milk got a pretty penny for it and feel it's only right I give you what I've got left of the deal, here's $10, the rest I gave to my mom and dad and brother they really appreciate it. Then they said "Oh Lord how're we gonna finish plowing now? 

Then these two old timers said your daddy started laughing and said he was just kiddin' and if they'd give him a ride home he'd load that plow on their truck for them but first they had to give him back his $10. Then they said to me, man our daddies were so upset that they'd lost their plow.

Then they were so happy that your daddy Jim just kept it overnight to teach them a lesson. Butch (my name w family) Your daddy sure was a lot of fun and a good man.

I'm sorry about spending time here, please bear with me, my father was the best, most honest, Christ like man I've ever known. 
I've never seen him turn any beggar, Charity or neighbor down for anything in my life. If their barn or house needed fixing he was their with purse and labor.

His credits include; '1932 Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of The South' held in Columbus Ga, he was only 18 yrs. old, 5'10' and 182 lbs.
Boxers qualified from 9 southern states made it to the finals. Beat Chief Whittingham a 6'4" 210 lb. indian for the title.

*1932./ 19 years old, in November of 32 my father joined the Army, became the all-Army heavyweight champion and re-inlisted every 4 years until honorably discharged in *1954./ Between enlisting in 32 and our entrance into WWII my father was stationed for years at FT. Drummond in San Francisco. 
*1938./ (I think) Read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on the Sports page w dad in one of those old posed sideways pictures of boxers. Dempsey had one like it.
The article was titled "Soldier With The Educated Left Hand" knocking out his last opponent with a left jab followed by a short left hook. 

2nd Lieutenant James F. 'Booga' Reid has single handedly changed the name of Ft. Drummond Auditorium to Dreamland Auditorium knocking out 59 of 61 opponents.

Knocked out what my dad told me was a loudmouth Max Baer in the 3rd round of an exhibition match, evidently my father was too fast for him and making him look foolish so Max started playing rough, not pulling his punches which was a big mistake. Had an exhibition scheduled to box Joe Louis but Joe's mom fell ill, then the war started.

1964./ My senior year in High School. Retired Colonels in Atlanta getting together, drinking at a Holiday party had told me personally, they thought my father was the toughest man in the infantry and had been given the toughest assignments behind enemy lines and probably had killed more enemy in hand to hand combat than any other infantryman in the Army. 

Dad told me stories about his squad wearing sheets in the snow in France w orders to kill every Nazi and SS soldier in a mansion in France being used for headquarters.

'Hold that position at all costs' "and brother did it cost" my father would say. 'Take No Prisoners' were also orders he'd received a lot being the furthest behind enemy lines.

*1997./ Camel tour event in San Diego. Archie Moore, over 180 professional fights before he fought Marciano for the Heavyweight Title in his 40's.
He was definitely one of the greatest fighters of all-time. Held The World Light Heavyweight Champion Title forever it seemed.

One of 2 men to ever knock Marciano down, the other was Jersey Joe Walcott. Marciano stopped 'em both, ended up knocking Archie out in the 9th round.
Then after Marciano retired undefeated. Archie fought Floyd Patterson for the vacated title and lost a decision.

All celebrity's were supposed to receive a Meucci cue. After they finished 2nd in the 1 night tournament, all the cues were gone. Buddy Hall had been Archie's partner in this Celebrity Pro-Am held by Camel in 1997 and was very upset, so I gave Archie a $1000 custom Meucci cue w 4 shafts, not the $50 Meucci the other celebrities received.

This made them both feel better and Camel took a picture of me handing it to Archie for the cover of their National Magazine. Then, knowing Archie was from San Diego and about the same age as my father. I asked "did you ever hear of a fighter named Booga Reid? 

Archie said Booga Reid? "you talking about that heavyweight from up around Frisco used to knock everybody out?" Yeah I heard a lot about him. What ever happened to him? World War II happened Archie but he's still alive and well, living w me in Nashville, TN.

Archie mailed me a couple of thank you letters for that cue and reminding me what a small world this is said to say hi to 'Booga' Reid for him. 

Visiting dad in the summer of 61 he insisted on teaching me more about boxing, judo and how to disarm someone with a gun or knife if they got too close or were held against me.

Then one day he came to the pool room with me in Rome, GA. I made about 8 wing shots in a row and he told all his friends and our relatives that I played so good I didn't have to wait until they stopped and made them while they were still rolling.

*1942./ Shipped to Africa campaign to back up Patton's tanks against probably Germany's smartest General,  Rommel (The Desert Fox). Britain had been fighting against Rommel long before we entered the war. Already having Rommel's tanks and the Italian troops on the run. Rommel won one more tank battle in Tunisia against US and British allies. Then Patton for America and Montgomery the British field commander destroyed most of what was left of his tanks and chased him all the way back to Germany.

*1944./ Wounded 7 times on November 24th, France. 4 solid wounds in both legs and both shoulders and 3 flesh wounds. 
*1945./ February, back on the front lines leading his company further behind enemy lines than all other Army infantry.
*1945./ March 24,  Berlin, Germany. Hitler's front door. When the Russians had Berlin surrounded. Wounded by mortar shell that threw him 100', he lost use of his left eye and received over 1,700 stitches in his left leg which the Army medical staff in Germany said he would never be able to get around without a wheel chair or crutches.

6 months after returning stateside my father was teaching rehabilitation to WWII vets. Walked with an almost unnoticeable little gait in his step, if you weren't looking for it you'd never know it.

Never had to use crutches or a wheel chair until I bought him a van with lift in 1999. 85 yrs. old, his last year on Earth. 

Medals I'm looking at; 
‚ÄčNational Defense, American Defense, Germany above Japan Army Of Occupation, Purple Heart w G. Washington, American Campaign (land sea and air),
Silver Long Rifle on Silver Reef, Large Bronze Star, European American Mobile Campaign, Efficiency Honor Fidelity, World War II (H-Hour D-Day Omaha, Beach).
Africa Campaign, Smaller Bronze Star attached to a smaller Purple Heart. Then there's a photo of dad pointing out things on a map to General Eichelberger in France.

FYI. I've shaken hands w 5 time all-pro 1970 1st overall pick in the first round for the Detroit Pistons basketball team, Bob Lanier, size 23 shoes when I met him at a driving range in Detroit, MI, it was 1977, he was still starting center but had grown an inch to 6'11" and 310 lbs. His hands were the second largest I'd ever shaken hands with,
my father's hands were and are the largest palm and fist I've ever seen, must've been something like Sonny Listons.

We put our wrists together, my father and I and my fingers didn't reach the bottom of his fingers, with a closed fist my whole hand stretched out was the size of his fist.
His fingers were only an inch longer than mine and a few ring sizes wider. But his palms were enormous. 

My very good friend and great guy who also had a reputation of being tough, retired rail road engineer James Sanders from Nashville who treated me like a brother when I really needed it went with me to Smyrna TN to meet dad in 1985. Dad was 81 yrs. old 5'11.5" tall and weighed 196 lbs. he said the doctor's told him.
Alice had opened the door w dad standing there in his jockey's shaving in the half bathroom off the living room. He looked like a Greek God.

James Sanders had pretty large hands compared to most people but after I introduced him to dad and they shook hands , his hand disappeared.

We left and brought back some Chinese food and Pizza while Alabama was playing football. James who usually cusses all the time and my father who never curses talked a little but not much. James was just yes sir and no sir the whole time just like I always was and dad always was with everybody, worst words dad ever said were damn & hell.

Then when the game ended we left and headed back to James' townhouse in Nashville, James didn't say a word for about 10 minutes then all of a sudden it started raining praises out of him. "Man oh man that s.o.b. had to be a load." Be hard pressed to find anyone tougher than that m.f.. Cursing again, same old James was out of his coma. 

Training me to box w gloves on at 5 yrs. old boxing boys 2 & 3 yrs older and much bigger, he'd ring the bell every time I started to lose then whisper moves to make them miss so I could get close and sting them like he'd already showed me to keep stinging them until they would fall or quit, He'd pay them w knickels for boxing w me.

*1955./ Magnolia is where my mother and stepfather opened a nice restaurant. They met in Portland ME where I attended 1st n 2nd grade, he was probably the best jockey in the world. Show up 3 weeks late for a meet and end up leading jockey, built perfect and when he walked into a room it was like Sinatra had entered. He was the cleanest, classiest most coordinated man I've ever met. I watched him beat Shoemaker on the even money favorite w a 10/1 shot. He made Willie run an extra 1/2 furlong and beat him by a nose. 

*1955./ They married and I think he had a lot of money saved up, his foot locker that could be used for a coffee table was full of pictures of him on the winning horse in the winner's circle. I was in a couple of them 5 years later after they split up. Anyway he was Catholic and my sister Trebia and I were baptized Catholic and  enrolled in St. Ann's Catholic Grammar School in Gloucester, me in 3rd grade Trebia in 6th. They bought a beautiful restaurant in Magnolia, MA. We took a bus to school.

*1959,60,61./ Thinking I was invincible I used to run the cliffs all the way to the end that bordered Magnolia Beach, these were 30' to 60' cliffs and falling could be a death sentence, I couldn't get anyone to walk them with me. 2 guys had fallen when I lived there, one died and the other, Russell Viera a nice looking guy looked like Frankenstein.

At times I'd have to jump from cliff to cliff and sometimes the tops of these cliffs were wet with ocean spray shooting up the narrow chasms.
Then at other times I'd swim out to seagull island (called singer Island) because of the thousands of seagulls singing there. About a mile from shore and 3/4 from the end of a pier around the corner, so when the tide was still going out sometimes I'd swim there.

*1959./ The first time I swam there I was 12 years old, to be safe I had this crazy older guy who showed up for summer the last couple of years row Mrs. Wringer's 16' boat beside me. About halfway there he turned the boat around and rowed back to the pier and tied Mrs. Wringer's boat there.

Waiting on that island a couple of hours until the tide started coming in again, I was going to have to do something to that crazy guy who was much bigger and older than me but I knew I'd have to try. Before I saw him again the next day he was caught tying cats tails together and throwing them off the pier, he was gone in more ways than one.

* 1960./ 13 years old, spring time. One Saturday I won over $400 playing in a Lucky 8 ring game (exactly same as 9 ball only 8 balls) Jerry Houla, 
the best player from Peabody, Mass. was in the game and asked me to play 100 points of straight pool for $200 afterwards, 
said he was stuck that much. Knew he wasn't but thought I could beat him from what I'd seen so far.

We played, he broke, I ran 14 then scratched on the break shot, he ran between 20 and 30 balls then missed. I ran 87 and out.
Monday I snuck into the principal's office still in the 8th grade at St. Ann's and turned on the mic that went to all class rooms and offered 
to buy everybody in school a milkshake at Schraft's Drugstore after school. 25 cents each, I could afford it.

Being Sisters' of Mercy, I of course had to have my knuckles hit with a ruler by the Principal, forget her name but Sister Teresa, my 5th grade teacher 
was so beautiful and sweet, I loved her. Sister Charles who was about 6'2" or taller was very nice and threw a baseball too hard for the High School catcher. 
Sister Sarah who taught basketball was also wonderful. 

*1961./ 14 yrs. old. They'd been divorced for years but dad had the Military looking for me after private investigators bore no results. I'd gone to Gloucester High,
the largest R.O.T.C. high school in the US. My father must've been notified by the Army they'd found me. He contacted Mr. End the Dean of boys there and in who's office I had to stay all day for 8 days to payoff the most detention hours in the school's history and get my report card.

Flying to Atlanta my father picked me up and we drove to Cedartown, GA.. Staying about 2 months I turned 15 at my dad's. Already a tough kid, all the older kids out of school we're scared of me. My Freshman year at Gloucester High was the only time I received an A+ in Phys-Ed for winning the intercollegiate wrestling in my weight class for the whole school, all grades competed in their weight class. I was usually one of the 2 or 3 shortest in my class but I was strong and stocky.

*1961./ He taught me more boxing and judo plus how to disarm someone w a knife or gun if they were close to me and of course i played pool there and in Rome, GA. Won some pretty good money, then after a month  I returned to Gloucester for my sophomore year.

*1961./ Mr. End called me to tell me two facts. First he said he called my mother and congratulated her on the fact that I'd won a $500 college scholarship bond for having the highest S.A.T. He told me it was for the US and that the next 40 highest scores were all seniors. He added the first time I screwed up I was gone, suspended, expelled.

*1961./ Renting a house in Gloucester and living with two friends I'd moved out to live on my own. Suspended the second day of school my mother and little brother were on their way to FL. 

*1962./ Staying out of school for over a year I went back to St. Ann's High about 80 days late the next year. Not knowing exactly where I belonged or what grade I should be in St. Ann's gave me an I.Q. Test. Evidently my results caused quite a stir and the next thing I knew there had been a meeting arranged for me to appear in the Nun's Rectory next door to the High School. 

Walking in, there was a room full of Priests seated at a very large oval King Arthur type table.  One of the priest's with exotic robes. The High School's principal Sister Pauline  introduced the Bishop first then the Priests form Boston and The Sister Superior in charge of education for New England to me bowed to everyone of them as she introduced them. Then told me to have a seat, they wanted to discuss your future with you.

Well it turned out that I had a 206 I.Q. one of 8 people w an over 200 I.Q.. Or they said I had an I.Q. of 208 and was one of 6 people in the World or US with an over 200 I.Q..  
*1962./ They wanted to talk me into considering a life with the church as a priest but not as a typical priest. I'd be sent to further my education and handle the books or some other service needed by the Vatican. Not wanting to insult them yet I told them I'd pray about it and give it some thought.
They put me in my Junior Year at St. Ann's without ever going through my Sophomore year at all, a year and 80 days late but like I'd never missed a day. 

*1962./ All Junior boys at St. Ann's had to spend 10 days or 2 weeks in a Monastery or Seminary don't know the difference but it was spring time near the year's end and it was in Rockport, MA and beautiful. Marble, Gold, a movie theater, above the ocean about 80' high and 50 yards back from where the rocks started curving down to it. 

That's when I cussed them out, I told them if they wanted to end world hunger and convert everyone to Catholicism all they had to do was sell the artifacts taken that are still under the Vatican in a vault or they could just sell the Gold in St. Peter's Cathedral and auction off everything the church has and end world hunger like Jesus would want them to do. Also what ever happened to go forth and multiply. 

Asking poor people to contribute to the Bishop's Fund and driving brand new Cadillacs, wearing gems as big as your fist, you should be ashamed. Not Christ like at all.

Then I was expelled again but I could see some priest's were doubting their vows.

*1964./ Expelled from Gloucester High, St. Ann's High and Palm Beach High moved to stay w my father near Ft. McPherson in Atlanta Ga. to finish my senior year.
With cap and gowns paid for and graduation just 2 weeks away I left town w Miss Ben Hill and her and her husband's new 64 Pontiac GTO and their bank account.
I didn't even know she was married. Should've guessed w the rings.

All my life I took tests well, I could remember what I saw. Large chalk boards and everything on them. So I'd only show up on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for school. Having a photographic memory I could remember the eraser and chalk marks.

NOW BACK TO POOL. Thank you for letting me go on like that about my father.

Up until the 6th grade I gor straight A's, that's when I discovered pool then I still got all 100's or A's on tests but no homework and truant a lot.
The class clown when I did show up didn't help, my grade in conduct was always F but they couldn't flunk me.                          

* 1961./ Returning from GA, after my freshman year I was 15 and was fortunate enough to run 15 - 3 cushion billiards which to this day remains my high run, ran a few 13s, bunch of 12s but no 14s, 15s or more since I was 15 years old. At Nick's we only had one 3 cushion table and Art (Nick's son) and I started ring games playing billiards. 

3 handed whoever made the 11th billiard won, 4 handed it was the 15th and 5 handed (limit) whoever made the 21st billiard won, that's when I did it.
Whoever shoots before the winner pays the table time. I followed Art, then everybody paid and quit. No more 3 cushion action.

* 1963./ 16 years old, Les Finney, Benny Norris and I decided to visit Les's dad a commercial pilot in Rolling Hills, CA. After staying behind in Las Vegas
using Johnny Drake's ID (21) while they drove Les' 63 Corvair Spyder on to CA. Arriving a few weeks later.

While in Vegas the owner of the pool room would stake me everyday because I was broke everyday. 
While I was playing this short heavyset well dressed bald man at the counter watched me play for 45 minutes or so each day. 

Then one day the guy I was playing lost a couple of hundred then quit. The well dressed bald guy said he's okay and knows I'm staking you.
Then this guy said to me "hey johnny come on take a ride with me" I said to the owner if this guys queer (politically incorrect now but it was true then) I'll tear his head off.
He said that's Jack Hart the gambling commissioner of Vegas. A lump went in my throat thinking about going to jail and phony ID. 

We started riding towards downtown where I stayed at the Lee Motel for $12 a wk.. Jack said Johnny you play great pool but you're a sucker in the Casinos the he told me all the different games I'd been playing and where I'd been playing them. Then he said Johnny you can't let anyone know where you learned what I'm going to teach you.

They're 2 different crap systems and one of the men who used his system now owns a piece of a Casino and the other man who uses
the opposite system is a solid winner year in, year out and all the Casinos with a $500 limit raised his limit everywhere in town to $2000. 

Then he explained 2 crap systems to me that were completely opposite of each other and both 100% logical, me being a mathematical nut, I've improved on both systems to where in my life since then I've only had 2 losing weeks in Vegas, the first I had the flu and couldn't leave. Staying at the Stardust in 69 Barbara and I had just gone through the Carolinas and came out with $10,000 more than we crossed the borders with and I blew it all playing craps with the flu.

The next losing week was 34 years later. In 2003 sharing a rom with Gerry Kanov who kept repeating to me they don't build these Casinos because people can beat them. Meanwhile I was asked 30 years earlier in 73 by every Casino on and off the strip to please take my action elsewhere.
But Gerry remained negative and it's impossible to win with negative karma being verbally shoved at you by someone who just doesn't know the truth. 

One week with the flu and another week not losing very much but enough. In the old days I would've changed room in a heartbeat but I like Gerry
even if he didn't know what he was talking about with my Casino action. You can't lump me in with all those suckers that he's talking about.
When I raise my bet I'm either a 5 to 3 favorite or 7 to 3 favorite to cash on the crap table. 

But all I did during the 2003./ BCA Invitational 9 Ball tournament when we shared that room was play blackjack and finish 5th with television showing the final four.
Beating Parica and Bustamante back to back and receiving a standing ovation. Didn't get invited back. Pool Politics  

Negative people will never win. 

*1963./ Left Vegas after booking a few winners with what Jack Hart showed me and flew into LA where Les' dad put my bags into his car and we drove
to another airport got in his 4 seater plane and flew up and down the beaches, Long Beach, Hermosa, Redondo and so on to see which one had the best surf. 

Then we landed and Les, Benny and I got into a Willy's wagon that Les' father bought for him to put his board on and go surfing.
His dad was triple cool and even had a huge Barrel of Miller beer on tap that we were welcome to as long as we were in for the night. 

Right after arriving I entered a high run straight pool competition and ran 108 (I think) and won 'Palisades Billiards Annual High Run For The Year Straight Pool Tournament'. 
Held at Palisades Billiards on Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA. Rules; $5 entry fee which gave you 10 wide open breaks, if you scratched on the break it counted as 1 try, so after breaking medium speed 10 times.

Keeping score with beads on the only tournament table, it was nearest the lunch counter / front desk so everyone could watch. After a few months of surfing I turned 17 in August and waited until the first Monday in Sep., Labor Day when they announced the annual winner, I'd won. 

A good house tournament where all the entries names were on a big chart with their high run covered by taped paper. 
The winner had to be present on Labor Day to win. The few people watching said it was the highest run but players could enter w $5 as often as they wanted,
so I didn't know the score to beat or anything until they announced it. My First Tournament win. 1st Place was a cue, transistor radio and some cash. I felt great. 

Surfed a few more weeks then returned to Palm Beach High a month or two late my senior year.

What a cover up and to this day remains this country's darkest hour. 

At the time we had 30,000 soldiers on the ground in Vietnam. Kennedy's last official order to the Joint Chiefs before his trip to Miami and Dallas was  to make plans to remove 3,000 troops per month for the next 9 mo., 27,000 troops in all and bring them home. Leaving 3,000 of our finest troops their to teach and handle U.S. affairs. Documentary 'Dark Legacy' is eye opening. 

Still remains the saddest day anyone my age or older lived through. Such a waste and what for, more money for warmongers!
Never forget it everyone in school was crying, likewise on TV, people in cars pulled over and cried. So sad. Read his speeches to the U.N.. world piece, love and harmony.
Russia and the United States of America must learn to get along.  We all occupy this small planet, breathe the same air and are all brothers.

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