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As Rudolph 'Minnesota Fats' Wanderone said at the last and only Round Robin 1 Pocket and 9 Ball Tournament anywhere, you payed everybody. Held in Johnston City, IL. On a Multi Midwestern TV and Radio Broadcast. "Jimmy Reid is here from LA and wants to play, any man from any land, any game he can name, for any amount he can count, anything he can bring..." Fats 1972... Your Pool Guru, Jimmy Reid 

p.s. This statement Fats Fats made about me was read to me 3 weeks later in front of a specially convened Grand Jury in St. Louis, MO as being the sole reason for the FBI raid... Coming from LA, CA to gamble was a Federal violation of the "Interstate Gambling Act" with "Income Tax Evasion" thrown in to allow them to keep the almost $200,000 confiscated from the 12 of us indicted. They subpoenaed 33 more including Fats, big mistake. When Fats finished testifying, the Grand Jury ignored the Federal Prosecutor and filed out for Fats' autograph...

​Fats got us in trouble with his mouth and out of trouble with his mouth. It ruined my chances for super immortality by winning both divisions which the local bookmaker and Paulie Jansco's partner 'Magnolia Red' was laying 6/5 that's exactly what would've happened. Boston Shorty and Jimmy Fusco escaped the raid and played it off for first place in both divisions. Paulie paid me money for 2nd in both even though I was top of the board in both when the raid occurred. I'd just beaten Ronnie Allen 4/0 in the 1 Pocket a day before.

They'd barred me from the ring 10 ball, well not barred but when I said I was in next game everyone said they were out next game. So I finally took dead aim at a tournament.lol... 


IT WILL HELP EXPEDITE YOUR ORDER. Have them in your hands in 3 days! USPS Priority S&H w Tracking and Insurance... Thanks, jimmy Reid 

Only was fortunate enough to play with these cues in 3 Pro-Tournaments in 2005 before I awoke with 4th stage cancer. Left is playing cue w Lizard wrap. Right is Break Jump!!!

The First time I used them in competition I won two tournaments at The Dixie Classic in 2005. The highest paying bar table 9 ball mini and player auction tournament.

Plus at that same Dixie Classic, using the playing cue only I won the one day one pocket tournament w the first 64 players paying $100 entry fee on regulation 9' Diamond tables, played w exactly the same race and rules as the main 1 pocket event w the same entry fee. Limited to 64, single elimination... You know it was a tough field...

Won a dozen Saturday 9 ball events in a row at JOB's and the mixed doubles pro event played there w Brandi Brown from Pittsburgh as my partner.

Finished 5th at the Open 10 Ball Tournament in Melbourne, FL. Ray Martin and I were last match to finish on Saturday evening, the only table going. Earl Strickland and Buddy Hall were caddy corner to our table sitting, talking and watching from the food counter. 

When I broke the balls I'd hit them so hard making 5 balls on the break, Buddy and Earl jumped up with their hands over their ears and Buddy said "man o man, hey Reid you ain't hit'em that hard since 1970" I replied "Buddy I've never hit'em that hard before getting this new Break cue." Earl will remember that as well.

Both cues are Certified by Anthony Martzakis of Martz Custom Fitted Cues to be perfectly straight one of a kind cues. All butts and shafts are perfectly straight when cues are screwed together. All ferrules are Ivory  besides Break Jump phenolic ferrule and tip.

2 beautiful unique one of a kind great playing cues made of the finest material will put all other cues to shame when seen in person. 2 butts, 6 shafts, 10 years in the making.
Tor Lowry completely broke me, according to the IRS my site did $39,000 standing alone in 2010. Since then it's all in Lowry Bros. pockets. 

Both butts and all 6 shafts shown here were examined by Anthony (Tony) Martzakis Manufacturers Of Hand Made Custom Fitted Cues. MARTZ-CUES; CUSTOM CUE REPAIRS - POOL CUES - CASES - BILLIARD SUPPLIES. 1150 Clare Avenue, Suite 18 / West Palm Beach, FL 33401. (561) 305-3775. www.martz-cues.com Email:martzcues@gmail.com

THE BREAK JUMP w extra shaft because it hits so sweeeet.
Mike Gullyassey made these cues special with me in mind. Inventor of 'The Sledgehammer Break Jump'  these are 2 of the finest cues ever built.

The Break Jump (weight 18.7 oz., no artificial weight added) also shown in the top 2 and 7th images, this break-jump consists of Real ivory Di at base of Exotic Burl Wood with smaller ivory di in middle of Exotic Burl Wood butt"s 3 floating Birds Eye maple points surrounded by the Bluest Bisbee Turquoise I've ever seen. 

6 Floating Bisbee, 3 medium & 3 long exactly same in length points above Break- Jump divider joint and more Ivory Di. Comes w extra playing shaft not shown in pictures but identical to other shafts W Ivory Ferrule and 15-20 year old Moray soft tip. 

This Break Jump felt so felt so good to me, I insisted on an extra playing shaft. A month later sent me another shaft w ivory ferrule and soft Moray tip that fit my Break-Jump. Mike took a shaft that he'd been saving for a different $9000 set. None other like this set in the world.

Read More; 

Now for the most solid playing, everyone who's ever seen these cues, hit a ball with them say the same thing, they are the most beautiful best playing cues they've ever felt.

Playing cue (weight 19.2 oz., no artificial weight added) has smaller ivory di everywhere, at base below / above 6 perfectly matched long / medium long points above / below Seamless Lizard Wrap w small Ivory di in the middle of the 3 highest floating points nearest steel joint, set in Exotic Burl wood surrounded by Bisbee Turquoise w 6 - 1.25" sterling silver tips on each end. 

Plus 3 long, exactly the same length Bisbee Turquoise floating points closer to di above Lizard Wrap. All points above Lizard Wrap are inline w long n medium Bisbee Turquoise floating  points at base of butt.

All dark wood in both cues is Exotic Burl Wood, all di and ferrules are Ivory. All light shaded wood is Canadian  Bird's Eye Maple. All Blue is from finest Bisbee Turquoise and Playing cue has Lizard wrap. All 6 Canadian Hard Rock Maple shafts were cut twice a year and cured for10 years.

The right collector could own Jacket, trophies and cues. I've been robbed by hackers Lowry Brothers Entertainment for the last 4 years. Tor Lowry is the most evil pool player to ever screw a cue together. Hopefully I'll live long enough to sue them, I've been told that a civil suit will fine them 4 times the estimated income they stole from and cost me. 

You know I need money desperately or none of this would be for sale. If I was still well healed there's no price I would take for them and they would all go to my children but right now I can't bury myself and don't want to leave my children w nothing or debt.

Here's proof that this is my new site; 2 Photos.
Above is Ronnie (Fast Eddie) Allen,the man Jersey Red called the greatest one pocket player that ever lived with plastic balls, you know they're old when clay balls are still in their minds and yours truly at the Commerce Casino in 1994, I was 47, Ronnie 54 I think.  
On left you can see my US Open jacket, US Open Trophy, my induction into 'A Lifetime Of Pool In Action' at the One Pocket Hall Of Fame 2008 induction ceremonies, that trophy is upside down in this picture, don't ask me why. Surrounded by the most expensive Gullyassey playing cue w 4 shafts and beautiful matching Sledgehammer Break-Jump that Mike Gullyassey invented. 

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