Left = 3
Typical by
the table.
Players make errors in this case playing the 2-3 combo next looks great but no shape on the 2 ball following the 2 will cause a kiss and hope...

This 3rd <<graph is my play. Free bank w shape by softly kissing the 3 ball safely

10 hr. Instructions by jimmy reid
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This safety kick is self explanatory in my Perfect 3 Rail System... Cueball in front of 33 and I want to hit in front of 14 to cut the 1 ball into the rail and behind those balls... Shoot @33-14=in front of 19 medium speed w high right english @ 1:30 on the cueball... Easy, huh... 

After studying this table, sure I could go to the right end rail on the 2 ball and break up the 6&7 but there's no assurance that I'll get a shot on the 3 ball....

So my decision is to play position on the 2 ball to drive the 3 ball into the 6&7 then float over behind the two balls on the top rail for a safety... 

One thing that's very important when playing safe is to try not to leave the object ball close to a rail, this makes it easier to hit going into or coming off that rail...

Learn anything yet? Practice that sharp draw stroke in the 3rd graphic down from the top. It's really strong to have that shot in your arsenal... Later, Jimmy Reid

Right = 3 graphics. 1 = double distance from mid cueball to rail and shoot very easy w a high ball. Black line is center ball white line is w high ball.

Next we see two ways to play safe off that successful kick. But with a background in 3 cushion billiards the bottom graph shows a very different trick shot safety. Shoot w extreme low right @ 5 on the cueball w a sharp 4 " jab stroke and watch the cueball do this off the 1st rail...