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http://konnections.net/rodcurry/Pool%20Players%20Photos.htm PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO THE D'S FOR A PHOTO OF DANNY JONES. DARK SHIIRT ON LEFT AND WHITE ON RIGHT.
Going past Cornbread Red on this site, the shorter man to Cornbread's right is Marshall 'squirrel' Carpenter one of the all time great one pocket players. Taught Ronnie Allen.  

Danny Jones (Handsome Danny)...

1971, Johnston City, Illinois, it's the hustlers tournament. 3 weeks of straight pool, 9 ball and 1 pocket, double elimination and a final playoff between the winners of all 3 events to decide the all-around champion.

It wasn't called the hustlers tournament for nothing, there was card (Texas 6 card low) 1 card down 1 up, total of 4 up, bet $10, $20, $30, 40, $50 after last card down. 
​Lowest 5 cards win, ace thru 5 is best hand straights and flushes didn't count against players.  
Plus pool action 24/7, or in this case 24/21.

We had a $50 ring 10 ball game going on in the practice building on the back table. Danny Jones came in and was standing behind the next table, just watching.

Just then I had made some kind of miracle run-out, well...

Billy Johnson (Wade Crane) turned to Danny and asked him if he wanted to get in? There were 5 players and the limit was 6 handed.

The balls were racked and ready to be broken but I waited for Danny's response.

Danny:     " No I didn't sleep at all last night." 
Billy:         (always witty) said; " Why, is your consious bothering you? "
Danny:     " No I had this nightmare, it was terrible."
Billy:         " Yeah, how so Danny what did you dream about? "
Danny:     " I dreamt I was in a $50 ring 10 ball game."
Billy:         " Why would that give you nightmares? "
Danny:     (Loudly) " I was betting my own money! Man I woke up soaking wet, what a nightmare! "

We all burst out laughing, I laughed so hard that for the next 30 minutes or so I got as weak as skim milk, totally helpless. Danny was always a riot.

To know him was to love him, we miss him dearly.  P.S. I ended up $7,800 winner!